March 2023

By train to the orienteering

March 31, 2023

What was normal a few years ago, is nowadays a rarity - the journey to an orienteering event by public transport. At the 31st Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days and the German Championships in Sprint Orienteering and Sprint Relay the car can be left at home this year. All competition venues can be reached comfortably on foot, by bus and by train.

Sprint premiere in category 85

March 24, 2023

The Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days have always offered challenging competitions for numerous age groups. For this year's German Championships over the sprint distance, the scoring categories will be divided for the first time into increments of 5 for all participants over 35. After consultation, there will now also be a course for men's 85.

Children's and mass sport

8th of March 2023

SAXBO always means a wide range of activities for all interested parties. In addition to looking after the little ones for the forest stage in Jonsdorf in a special kindergarten, there are a wide variety of ways to get a taste of orienteering and take part free of charge.

It's always worth stopping by at the Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days - even for spontaneous people and children who have never been to an orienteering competition.