Between the SAXBO

Augugst 12, 2023

Normally, between the events of the Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days, it is relatively quiet on the SAXBO pages, but this does not mean that nothing happens in the host clubs. In addition to competition participation and training, the main players are also active in other events. In the context of the sports festival of the SG Zittau Süd a Mini-OL was organized now.

Review and lost property

May 6, 2023

The German Championships and the 31st Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days have now been over for almost a week, the first ideas for the next edition next year are already buzzing around in the heads. Therefore it is once again time to look back briefly and also to return the things left behind to their respective owners.

Sprint relay in Westpark

May 1, 2023

At the end of the 31st Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days we went to Zittau to the Westpark. In the immediate vicinity of Olbersdorfer See, the goal was to orienteer as quickly and safely as possible through the park area at the German Championships in the sprint relay. Narrow control point locations provided again and again for uncertainties with the runners.

Rock orienteering at the forest stage

April 30, 2023

On the second day of the 31st Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days, the almost 1500 starters from Germany, the Czech Republic and some other European countries went to the forest area around the 652m high Buchberg. The orienteering event, which was held in best running conditions, was characterized by numerous altitude meters and rock controll points.

Sprint Championships in Zittau

April 29, 2023

At the start of the 31st Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days as well as the German Championships the sprint distance was on the program. In changeable conditions with some heavy rain events it went early Saturday morning to the qualification first in the former Zittau barracks area. The decision was then made in the afternoon or in the early evening hours in the center of Zittau.

The last hours until the start

April 28, 2023

In a few hours, the time has come. Shortly after 8 a.m. on Saturday, the first participants will set out on their courses in Zittau. In a targeted running time of 12-15 minutes, the first goal is to make it into the A-final in his respective age group.

Whether this succeeds and which place is necessary for it, depends on how fast the own time is and how many participants have registered in the respective age group. In the elite classes, there are 2 qualifying heats for the women, and 3 for the men.