Children's and mass sport

8th of March 2023

SAXBO always means a wide range of activities for all interested parties. In addition to looking after the little ones for the forest stage in Jonsdorf in a special kindergarten, there are a wide variety of ways to get a taste of orienteering and take part free of charge.

It's always worth stopping by at the Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days - even for spontaneous people and children who have never been to an orienteering competition.

Parallel to the German championships over the sprint distance and in the sprint relay in Zittau, there will be a so-called "Go4O" offer with cones in the vicinity of the respective competition center. The aim is to run through the control points with the map in the correct order in a manageable area.

Karte Go4O          Karte Kleinkinder

On April 29th, the competition center is located at the sports hall on Ottokarplatz. The offer is planned for the afternoon from 3 p.m., parallel to the final runs of the German Championships.
There will also be such an offer in the morning for the sprint relay on May 1st. The competition center in Zittau will be announced in advance.

For the forest stage on April 30th, a labyrinth orienteering is planned from 11 a.m. Here you have to run through the posts one after the other in a labyrinth. This offer is set up directly opposite the orienteering kindergarten on the meadow by the gondola ride in Jonsdorf.

The Go4O and Labyrinth orienteering can be tried on the spot without pre-registration. The necessary equipment will be provided.

In addition, a free flag orienteering in jonsdorf is planned, where children and adults can orienteer together in the forest. For individual beginners there is the possibility to start on direct courses on all days for a fee. Registration is necessary in each case via the O-Manager. The required electronic chips can be borrowed on site.

Example Labyrinth-O               Example Go4O              Registration O-Manager