Start of the season in the mountains

March 29, 2024

Registration for the 32nd Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days at the end of May is now open. The orienteering season kicks off at Lake Olbersdorf at the beginning of April with a mountain bike orienteering competition.

The so-called Saxony Cup, which is a junior series in mountain bike orienteering, has existed for many years. This year, for the first time, a competition will be held at Lake Olbersdorf on April 6. In addition to the ranked courses for the youngsters, there will also be an offer for beginners and small children. You can start on a marked course with shortcut options by bike or on foot. But there are also open courses for more mature runners.

Lake Olbersdorf is a residual open-cast mining lake which is now used as a leisure and recreational lake. In 1999, the Saxon State Garden Show took place in Olbersdorf and Zittau. In this context, the park area on the northern side of the lake was extensively landscaped. The competition center is also planned for this area at the grill shell, below the "Captain Hook" restaurant. To the west of the lake is a reforested woodland area, while to the south of the lake there is also a mix of open land and wooded areas. Due to the steep slopes in places, there are one or two trails and some stairs shown on the map.

Last-minute runners are also welcome to drop by on the day of the race. Electronic control chips, map holders and maps are available as far as possible.

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Postenstandort am Olbersdorfer See
Control point at Lake Olbersdorf