Successful (temporary) fixed control point network

June 1, 2021

We did not expect such a positive feedback on our orienteering offer at Forsthaus Lückendorf. In addition to numerous orienteers, many other outdoor sports enthusiasts also took advantage of the opportunity to search for control points in the Zittau Mountains until May 30.



For example, we received positive feedback on our training offer from the local ski clubs, the mountain rescue service, the federal police and the Zittau sports clubs. Due to the diverse use of the four offered coures, we are considering installing similar temporary or permanent control point networks in the Zittau Mountains in the future after consulting with all decision-makers.

After the current training offer has been recovered in the meantime, we have actively started planning the SAXBO competitions. Currently, we are still coordinating with other orienteering clubs in Saxony and the Czech Republic to avoid scheduling conflicts. We will publish the results as soon as possible.