Between the SAXBO

Augugst 12, 2023

Normally, between the events of the Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days, it is relatively quiet on the SAXBO pages, but this does not mean that nothing happens in the host clubs. In addition to competition participation and training, the main players are also active in other events. In the context of the sports festival of the SG Zittau Süd a Mini-OL was organized now.

The trips go for the club members to orienteering events all over the world and can be read in each case on the club pages. At the beginning of August in Česká Lípa (Bohemian Leipa) and in the forest areas near Dubá (Dauba) was held a World Cup round and the Czech-O-Tour with 1400 participants. There, too, participants from the host clubs were running and active as organizers. The next time orienteering and MTB-O will be supported at the beginning of October in Olbernhau.

In Saxony and within the German Orienteering Association, the offers for young and popular sports have been intensified for quite some time. A suitable means for this are so-called mini orienteering runs, which are also called Go4-Orienteering. The aim is to run a certain number of cones in the right order in a manageable area.

At the sports festival of the SG Zittau Süd, many young people in particular had the opportunity to run different courses for the first time with an electronic chip and a map. About 70 participants could get a maximum of 20 points for the overall ranking at the orienteering stand. The positive feedback showed us that it is worthwhile to repeat such actions and to be present more often outside the forests.


Sportfest Zittau Süd