Evaluation and look behind the scenes

October 9, 2021

For both SAXBO stages, the route gadget for recording the routes run is now available on the Czech portal OB Postupy. Not only in this area is recognizable how the responsibilities of the organizing clubs are intertwined at the competition. There were also numerous supporters from the regions in the background.

The Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days have been based on a close cooperation between the German clubs HSG Turbine Zittau, SG Zittau-Süd as well as the Czech club OK Chrastava for many years. On the one hand, it is an organizational challenge to reconcile all interests every year, on the other hand, a certain routine has been established with 29 editions by now.

A great deal of creativity and personnel commitment is always required when new conditions are added. In the past two years, for example, this was the case with the hygiene requirements and the clarification of the associated key points, and this year there was the parallel Bundestag election with the binding of association members. However, thanks to the overarching cooperation, a solution was found here as well.

Beside the essential elements of the competition alignment there are however also numerous basic conditions, which are presupposed, nevertheless also again and again to coordinate are.

Such marginal issues besides the map, track or technique are for example the competition center, the catering or the parking facilities.

This year we were allowed to use the club area of the PSV Zittau. Despite the tight schedule of the farmers' association of the Vermögensgemeinschaft Spitzkunnersdorf eG, a freshly mowed meadow was made available to us free of charge for parking our cars. Also with the topic supply we were supported again regionally.

Not only through the general conditions we are looking forward to celebrate the 30th edition of the SAXBO in the coming year.

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